Shanghai Taichang Health Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1998, it is a company specializing in the design, development, production and sales of foot bath products. After 21 years of continuous development, it is now the leading brand in the foot bath industry.

Shanghai Taichang's products protect the health of users from the head, shoulders, neck, back, waist to the feet. Shanghai Taichang took the lead in promoting “healthy filial culture” in the industry. Shanghai Taichang is committed to applying intelligent, mobile and network technologies to product design, research and development, manufacturing and service, and launching a full range of intelligent massage products to create an intelligent and healthy ecosystem to create self-demand for consumers. The perfect experience of personal space and healthy interaction anytime, anywhere.

In 2010, the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences wrote in its 'Report on the Competitive Situation of Domestic Footbath Brands': 'Shanghai Taichang is the first to upgrade its production methods, marketing networks, business models, etc., regardless of sales data, profitability, etc. The company is in the professional position of the industry.” Taichang products cover more than 200 products in 10 categories, with a market share of 30%. The products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as Korea, Japan, America, Brazil, EU, Southeast Asia.

Ten core technologies
Magnetodynamic transmission technology
Ultra quiet water pump
Anti-induction technology
High precision temperature control
Switching power supply technology
New heating tube
High and low pressure separation technology
intelligent control
Dragon claw hand massage technique
Insulating paint wall technology
Ten core technologies

Our Vision
——Becoming the First Brand of China's Health Appliances
Our Mission
——Provide First-class Products and Services for Customers
To achieve material and spiritual benefits for employees
Our Mission
——Rejecting dogma, focusing on results, satisfying customers
Our spirit
——Simple, focused, and dedicated
Our style
——Abiding by promises, no excuses, Absolutely obey, never give up
Our methods
——Copy, focus
Our requirements
——High standards, strict requirements
Our values
Users: Everything The value of the user is fundamental
Team: Up and down concentric, Qi Li broken gold
Rules: System first, leadership second
Responsibility: Responsible for themselves, responsible for the company, responsible for the society
Standard: Always keep the peak, always aim at the first name
Grateful: Be a grateful person, win love with love

Our core philosophy
survival philosophy: only the right way can survive for ever
entrepreneurship philosophy: hardship is a required course for the successful
development philosophy: sacrifice the ego, complete the ego
business philosophy: gather the world's famous teachers, gather the four talented people,
create the great cause for the future
competition philosophy: surpass yourself, do not fight and defeat the soldiers
sales philosophy: all sales are for love
Service concept: customer-centered, service with love
brand concept: brand creates value, value creates wealth
mindset concept: everything that happens is good
wealth concept: money is an external thing,
growth is the first wealth in life
work concept: daily things are clear, daily life is high
work concept: the best way is to practice simple methods to the extreme Idea: money is enough to gather people, quantity is wide enough to get people,
body is enough to lead people, self-discipline is enough to convince people,
employment philosophy: attitude first, ability second
salary philosophy: pay if you have achievements, shame if you have no achievements
organizational philosophy: build platform, achieve yourself
promotion philosophy: build achievements, cultivate talents, and be promoted
achievement philosophy: ordinary people pursue goals, Excellent people surpass their goals,
excellent people create miracles

Corporate Honor